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Posted on 09/30/2016
Hello All BGL Member Representatives,

As mentioned at this past declaration meeting, if you could please complete the following critical date as soon as possible.  

C6 – October 4, 2016: Association to provide BGL with all team manager contacts (Form click here)

  1. I would like only the team manager information for each of your teams on one spreadsheet file (Form click here).
  2. Once spreadsheet file is completed, email it to
  3. The website will be changing to a new and improved platform very soon.  Once I see that the website has changed, I will then email all the managers with their individual log-in and password.
  4. The team Manager will sign on to the BGL website (top left corner on the new website) and input the team staff and player roster information.
  5. The manager must ensure that team staff and roster information are inputted onto the BGL website before the game schedule begins.
  6. The BGL login information should be given to your association's webmaster to enter into the back end of your associations RAMP website (if you’re with Ramp) to link all stats and information from the BGL website to your home association website.
  7. Game reporting instructions are posted to the BGL website under "Report A Score" and the instructions will also be on the new website.
  8. If you have any questions please contact

Click Players on the left menu bar, and click Add Multiple. Add all names and jersey numbers. Click Submit.  After this is completed, if your team has entered any players that are affiliates on their roster, please click the edit button to the right of the player's name.  Please ensure AP is checked and click Submit.  If your association does not want your player stats visible to the public, please go into each player by clicking the edit button to the right of the player's name.  Then check the box Hide From Public and click Submit.  ***Do not delete players, as this will delete all stats to date.

Click Staff Members on the left menu bar, and click Add Multiple.  Add all staff including their position and email address, that will be listed on the Ringette Alberta Team Roster Form (TRF). Click Submit.  After this is completed, for the Head Coach and Manager, please click the edit button to the right of the staff member's name.  Ensure there is both a cell phone number and an email address entered.  Click Submit.
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