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When rescheduling games, early communication with the ref allocator is very important:

1.  As soon as you know a game needs to be rescheduled, contact the appropriate ref allocator with the details (date, level, teams, time and arena):

        Local Association Allocator – U14 B and below

        NARRA Assignor – U14 A and up

        Note: NARRA requires 5 days notice to avoid costs to the home association.  The home association will be billed the game fee if the game is cancelled within 36 hours of the game's start time.   If notice is not received and the referees show up to a cancelled game, the Home association will be invoiced for the game fees plus mileage.

2.  Once an alternate date, time and arena have been determined, email the ref allocator the new details.


To request officials for exhibition games:

1.  Email the appropriate ref allocator, Local Association Allocator or NARRA (see above as per division level) with as much advance notice as possible, even if opponent has not been confirmed. 

2.  All the required details are outlined in the spreadsheet template.  Move your mouse pointer over a column heading to see the instructions regarding what needs to be entered in that column.

When rescheduling league or organizing exhibition games endeavor to arrange them such that:

1. They are in locations where other games may already be occurring

2. Games of the same or similar level occur back-to-back (e.g., U16 A followed by U19 A).

Terri Schade, NARRA

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